How to use Audiosuite plug-ins in Pro Tools

It’s always wise to refer to the documentation first; Page 286 in the PT6.4 Reference Guide, and all of chapter 4 in the DigiRack Plug-ins Guide deal with audiosuite plugins in detail. Most of what I say here will be directly from these two sources.Audiosuite plugins actually process/modify an audio region or entire audio file of your session. Typically, they are used when you know that the effect will be a “keeper”, such as applying compression, EQ, or auto-tuning a vocal track. Some of the benefits of doing this, as opposed to using RTAS plugins, is that you will be saving processor power for other things that might need it, and you can import the processed regions elsewhere.

The following picture is what the audiosuite popup looks like without any plugin loaded. Use this picture as a reference.audiosuite

  • Select the region that you want to process. It can be the entire track, or a selection of audio
  • Select the plugin from the audiosuite menu. The audiosuite popup will appear with the plugin that you selected loaded into it
  • You can preview the processing using the preview button at the bottom left
  • when a plugin is loaded, you can “tweak” the settings of it to get the sound that you want
  • When you are happy with the way it sounds, press the process button and your selection will be created as a new region, and applied within the session
  • You can also direct where the new region will go, what regions exactly it will process, as well as many other advanced features, but I won’t cover those here, and defer you to the manual for their uses. Most times, you will stick with the default settings for these.