How to change tempo in Pro Tools

This tutorial is the same for sessions that haven’t been setup yet, and for sessions that only have MIDI recorded in them. Changing the tempo of sessions with pre-recorded audio is a separate tutorial.

When you start a new session in Pro Tools, the tempo defaults to 120 BPM. To change it, insert a tempo event at the beginning of the Tempo track.

  1. Double-click the Song Start Marker in the Edit window.
  2. Enter the BPM value you will use for the session and set the Location to 1|1|000 (so the inserted tempo event replaces the default tempo).
  3. if you want base the BPM value on something other than the default quarter-note, select another note value from the Resolution pop-up menu.
  4. Click OK to insert the new tempo event.

If you have pre-recorded MIDI events/tracks, the tempo of those tracks will automatically follow the session tempo.