How to use BFD with Pro Tools?

Here are some “How To”s for using FXPansion’s BFD with Pro Tools. Please let me know if there are other subjects that you would like to see here.

For these tutorials, I’m assuming that you already know how to instantiate BFD, either by my multi-track method, or by another method of your choosing.
That is a prerequisite.
I’m also assuming that you are at least a little familiar with the BFD interface.Disclaimer: All of the information on these pages is covered in the BFD Manual that is installed with the software. I highly recommend you read it as well.
  1. How to use BFD as a stereo drum track with ProTools? (both versions, Lite and full)
  2. How to use BFD and multiple outputs with ProTools? (full version of BFD only)
  3. How to use the BFD Groove Library with Pro Tools
  4. How to record the audio output of BFD with Pro Tools
  5. More Coming Soon…