How to change the track colors?

NOTE: This tip is obsolete with the release of Pro Tools 8, which makes the “hidden” control an actual control on the color palette window.

Here’s a new feature of Pro Tools 7.3 that isn’t documented, but I think is very cool and helpful for session organization:

  1. Open the color pallete by double-clicking any track’s color label
  2. Hold down the three primary modifier keys at once (OSX: Command+control+option; XP: Control+start+alt)
  3. Mouse click in the color pallete window and drag up/down (this is typical “click/drag” functionality, but there seems to be some confusion with some users; click the color pallete->hold the click->drag while over the color pallete)

You should see the color of the track change in opacity to match the track’s color label. You can set the opacity how you like it, and be able to locate groups of tracks much faster. Your tracks will end up looking something like this:



Please note: This feature was changed slightly with the release of Pro Tools 7.4. With the standard release of 7.4, you can no longer adjust the opacity of the colors; they are either “on” or “off”. So step 3 above becomes just “Mouse click in the color pallete window”.

This behavior has been corrected in the 7.4cs2 update (which is highly recommended for many other bugfixes), and the procedure above returns to normal.