How to fatten up a kick track in ProTools?

There are a few different ways to do this. I’ll cover a few:

Use a Signal Generator

Create a mono aux track
create a send from the kick track across a bus (say bus1). I’ve renamed that bus in my example to make it more recognizable: KikPhatt
insert the signal generator on the aux track. Set the Frequency low (like 65Hz), bring the level up, and set the signal to sine.
Insert the Expander/Gate Dyn3 plugin inline after the generator. Set it’s key input to be the send bus from the kick (bus1/KikPhatt), and turn on the side chain button (looks like a key). Play with the attack, hold and decay until you have something that is pleasing (try Attack 10.0us, hold 23ms, ratio 5.0:1, range -80.0db and release 5.0ms to start) Set the threshold as necessary.


Of course tweak all settings/levels to taste…

More to come…