How to get a reversed reverb sound in Pro Tools?

So you want to get that other-worldly, just arriving from the 5th dimension sound on a vocal track? Try a Reversed Reverb:

  • Duplicate the track in question.
  • Slice one of the vocal phrases on the new track into a separate region.
  • Isolate it (remove all other region data from before and after)
  • Note where the start and end points are. (this will be important later)
  • Select it.
  • Use the audiosuite reverse tool to reverse it.
  • Now select the region and an amount about the same size after the region.reverseReverbSelection
  • Use an audiosuite reverb (for this example, I’m using D-Verb’s Room2 on medium setting) on the selection. (you may have to do this a couple of times to get it to sound the way you want it to).
  • Now reverse it again.
  • Move the region back so that it’s end time is the same as it’s original end time from above (you noted it, didn’t you?) Shift+drag will snap the end time to the grid.reverseReverbAlign
  • Mix with the original.
  • Listen.

Of course, you will need to tweak the settings to taste, but those are the basics.