How to set up the M-Audio Ozonic to be a control surface for Pro Tools?

NOTE: This tip is obsolete in newer releases of Pro Tools (8.0.3 and above, IIRC), as the CS-10 is not longer supported or even an option for selection.

You will need to program the Ozonic to function like a J.L. Cooper CS-10. Programming the Ozonic is easiest with the Enigma software that is downloadable from the M-Audio Website.Then you will need to download the Legacy MIDI Controllers and follow the instructions there for installing the CS-10 profile.

Pick a preset, any blank preset on your Ozonic. Then program the following:

  • Global channel 16
  • Faders C1-9 = cc’s 64-71 (track volume controls)
  • Buttons C32-39 = cc’s 0-7, (mute or whatever buttons)
  • Button C40 = cc 8, (mode switch)
  • Button C27 = cc 19 (rewind)
  • Button C28 = cc 21 (stop)
  • Button C29 = cc 23 (record)
  • Button C30 = cc 22 (play)
  • Button C31 = cc 20 (fast forward)
  • Knobs B10,11,12 = cc’s 72,73,74 (sends 3,4,5)
  • Knobs B14,15,16 = cc’s 75,76,77 (sends 1,2, pan)
  • Pitch bend A22 = cc 9 (shift)
  • Mod wheel A32 = cc 14 (option)
  • Knob B13 = cc 15 (control)
  • Knob B14 = cc 15 (command)
  • Joystick B18 = cc 29 (right)
  • Joystick B19 = cc 28 (left)
  • Joystick B20 = cc 26 (up)
  • Joystick B21 = cc 27 (down)

If you’re lazy (like me) you can just download my OzonicProToolsController.xml (right click, save Link as), and then load it into Enigma (file -> load), and then load it onto Ozonic (file -> upload to device). My controller preset is #10, and I didn’t assign the Mod Wheel or the Pitch Wheel.

When you open Pro Tools, go into Setups->Peripherals->Midi Controllers Select the CS-10, Send/Receive “Ozonic keyboard”, and 8 channels. Then on the Ozonic, select the preset that you created (if you downloaded my preset file, again my preset is #10).You should now be able to use the knobs and buttons you assigned above to control those aspects of Pro Tools. (You can also change or omit any of the knobs to your general liking and usability; for example, I don’t set up the pitch and mod wheel to be shift and option, i just use the computer keyboard for that).This procedure can also be used to program any MIDI control surface That doesn’t already have the ability built in to control Pro Tools, you just need to program it like above. (More information about this procedure can be found on Page 77 of the MIDI Control Surfaces Guide).