How to capture a screenshot

Sometimes, when troubleshooting a problem, or even just showing cool features, it becomes necessary to post a “screenshot” of the program you are working with. There are multiple ways to do this, with varying degrees of complication, but I’m only going to cover the most basic and simple version here. I’m also only going to cover doing this under Windows (for now).

  1. Get the image on the screen that you want to capture.
  2. Press the “prtscn” key on your keyboard
  3. Open an image editing program (all windows systems come with Microsoft Paint installed, but you can use whatever image editing program you like).
  4. create a new document in your image editing program and “paste” the contents of the clipboard (ctrl + v)
  5. save the file to your hard drive. It’s best to save a file in a common image format such as jpg

Now you have an image of the screen you were working on or that you wanted other people to see. Now you need a way to share it with them. If you need a large number of people to see the image, the easiest way is to post it to a photo sharing site and send them the link to the web page that particular photo is on.

Like this one

I prefer the free photo sharing service Flickr for sharing photos in this way. You can choose another photo sharing program if you like.