How to control individual levels of devices in Reason through Pro Tools

This topic is one of the more advanced topics when using Reason with Pro Tools, but once you get used to it, I think you will find it to be very easy to do. For this topic, you need to understand a few of the more complex features of the Rewire plugin and the Reason interface, specifically the Hardware Interface device in the Reason rack.

Reason can pass individual audio outputs across the Rewire interface. To do this takes a little bit of planning and also knowing what you are doing. To re-route the outputs of a device to an individual output, you need to flip the Reason rack around so that you are looking at it from the back-side. This is done in Reason by pressing the TAB key.

As you can see, I have the NN-XT and DrREX devices installed into the Reason rack, and I’m looking at the back-side of the rack after having pressed the TAB key. The 1/L and 2/R outputs of the NN-XT are routed to the hardware interface’s 1 and 2 inputs using “virtual cables”. To route any of the other outputs on the devices to individual channels, you just click-and-drag from the output the the channel.

(There are actually a few ways of making those routings, but that is probably the easiest to describe. for the other methods, check the official documentation)

All of the individual inputs on the Reason Hardware Interface are accessible from the Reason Rewire plugin. For each audio output that you want to control in Pro Tools, you would insert one Reason plugin, and then set it to the appropriate channel(s) from Reason. For instance, using the example above, if I wanted the stereo output of NN-XT to be on one track, and the stereo output from DrREX to be on another track, I would;

  • create two stereo tracks (AUX or Instrument is usually recommended for “virtual” tracks) in Pro Tools
  • insert the ReasonRewire plugin on one track and select channels 1 and 2 from the channel dropdown on the plugin (represented in the plugin as “Mix L – Mix R”)
  • insert the ReasonRewire plugin on the other track and select channels 3 and 4 from the channel dropdown on the plugin (represented in the plugin as “Channel 3 – Channel 4”)

Now you can control the volume from those devices individually in the Pro Tools mixer. For mono tracks, it’s basically the same, except you are selecting single channels on the plugin.

That’s fairly straightforward, right? Well those are the basics. But it can become much more complex (and powerful) depending on how you are using it, how many outputs and devices you have, etc. It’s all really up to you now that you know how to do it.