How to use ReDrum as a Drum sound module in Pro Tools

Quite honestly, and in my opinion, ReDrum is not the best choice for a drum sound module when using Reason. The NN-XT sampler is going to provide much more realistic drum samples and sounds. ReDrum was meant to emulate a classic step-sequencer style drum machine, and is better for electronic or techno style sounds.
This topic is really very easy. You want to write MIDI drum parts and you want to use the ReDrum device in Reason as the sound module to play your drum sounds.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a stereo Instrument track in Pro Tools. (you can also use multiple tracks for the audio return, but that’s a different tutorial)
  2. insert Reason on the track, leaving the default channel selection (Mic L – Mix R)
  3. In Reason create a ReDrum device and make sure it’s outputs are routed correctly (Reason Adapted users can skip this step as the ReDrum device is always in the Adapted rack, and routed to the mixer by default)
  4. on the instrument track in Pro Tools, on the instrument view, select the ReDrum device on the MIDI output selector
  5. in Reason, on ReDrum, select a drum kit
  6. If you have Pro Tools setup to use the first selected MIDI track as the Default Thru Instrument, you should now be able to hear sound from ReDrum through the instrument track in Pro Tools. If you don’t have Pro Tools setup that way, then do so () or record enable the track. Keep in mind that the individual instrument channels are mapped to keys C1-B1, so you won’t hear anything unless you play those specific keys.
  7. Record or pencil in notes at will.
  8. Playback.

That’s pretty much all there is to using ReDrum as a sound module in Pro Tools. There are some “fancy” things you can do with it; like mapping the individual outputs of the instruments to different tracks (separate tutorial), and using it along with other devices in Reason (again, separate tutorial), but those are the basics.