How to “play” the Strike interface while Pro Tools is running

To understand this topic, you need to understand the different play modes of the Strike interface. MIDI notes can be used to trigger Strike in two different ways; one that triggers drum patterns (pre-recorded beats; Style mode), and one that triggers drum sounds (individual drums; Kit mode).

If you want to play the sounds in Strike using electronic MIDI drums, or a MIDI keyboard controller to create your own beats, you would want to use Kit Mode.

If you want to play (trigger) the pre-recorded beats in Strike (basically MIDI loops), using a MIDI controller (keyboard or drum pad trigger), you would want to use Style mode.

If you don’t have a MIDI interface, and you aren’t comfortable penciling in notes on the track with the pencil tool, you can also still play the patterns using the Strike interface and the mouse, but you will have to record the audio output of your performance directly to an audio track, or play the patterns every time.

  • “playing” the Strike interface with the mouse (coming soon)