Using Kit mode in Strike

Playing the drumkits by kit piece in Strike is fairly easy.

  • Insert strike on an Instrument track and make sure it is selected
  • Select a drumkit or pattern
  • Set the MIDI input of the Instrument track to either “All” or your specific controller
  • Set the MIDI output of the Instrument track to MIDI Channel 2 of the Strike plugin
  • If your system is set to use the first selected track as the default MIDI instrument, you can now play the Strike drums from your MIDI controller. If not, you will need to record arm the Instrument track.

That’s it! Seriously. You should now be able play the drum kit pieces from your MIDI controller. To record your performance, all you need to do is record arm the track (if it isn’t already) and press record.

If you don’t have a MIDI controller, but still want to use strike in this manner, you can also program these notes by penciling in MIDI notes to the track with the pencil tool.