Massey DRT v2

(Click here for download info) Massey DRT
From the Massey website:

    “Enhance or replace poorly recorded drum tracks. Or, sculpt a good drum sound into a great sound that better complements your mix.

    DRT is a Pro Tools AudioSuite plugin which effortlessly replaces drum hits with fresh audio samples, MIDI notes or audio “clicks” all with near flawless accuracy.”

In my opinion, this is a must-have tool if you are doing any kind of drum replacement/enhancement.

Limitations of the freebie:

  • MIDI output note is not selectable
  • No manual trigger editing
  • No drum learning functionality
  • No Audio sample replacement (this one is worth paying for!)
  • No Relative MIDI output mode
  • An ad describing the features of the full version that shows on playback when the plugin window is open

The “demo” free version is completely usable as is and exactly the same as the paid version, minus those limitations, and at the price ($96) is really worth it.

I highly recommend this plugin either way.

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