What Is…

The word “troll” is used to describe someone who intentionally posts controversial or contrary messages in an on-line community such as an online discussion forum or group with the intention […]

ACID files and REX files are practically the same thing, and can be used in pretty much the same way. No need to repost the description, just read What is […]

REX files and ACID files, in the simplest terms, are audio loops. They have some extra formatting that makes them REX or ACID files, though. REX files are created using […]

The term “insert” comes from the analog audio world, and refers to a physical point in the audio signal chain where a “detour” in the signal chain can be “inserted”, […]

Auxiliary(AUX) Inputs are tracks that pass audio through them without the need for the audio passing through to be recorded. They can be used as returns, sub mixers and bus […]

It’s a big yellow vehicle that carries children to and from school… But seriously, a “bus” in audio refers to the path between two points. It’s a holdover from analog […]