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Pro Tools 9 is here!

Avid has announced the release of Pro Tools 9, the most surprising release of Pro Tools to date! Here are just a few of the new features: ADC Core Audio […]

(click here for download info) OK, this one is a “no-brainer”. The newest version of Sampletank Free (2.5) is a “full-featured” version of Sampletank. It comes with 500MB of samples […]

(click here for download info) The U-NO-62 is a polyphonic analogue synth modeled after the famous Roland JUNO-60. For any fan of analogue synths, this is a must-have. Make sure […]

(click here for download info) From the Elysia website: “Its main function is to change the proportions between high and low frequencies. The principle is quite similar to a pair […]

(click here for download info) 8 free plugins. Not just one; 8! (well, technically, it’s only 6 since they include the chorus and the flanger as both mono and stereo, […]

Massey De:Esser

The De:Esser is exactly what it says, and what you think it is. (Click here for download info) Limitations of the freebie: No Multi-mono support No Session-restore functionality (you have […]

Brainworx bx_solo (Click here for download info) A nice free M/S tool! Very useful! This plugin is now part of the Plugin Alliance